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Single-wall rectangular HVAC duct and fittings.
Custom or rectangular ductwork.
HVAC duct fittings, including elbows and transitions in any size and shape.
Duct Work Accessories/ Support System
Hanging System
Easy to use
Requires no preparation work
Can be sent directly to the job site.
Confirming to SMACNA and DW 144 standards.
Slotted channel
Roll formed galvanized steel
Available in different sizes
Excellent multipurpose product.
Threaded Rods
Zinc plated threaded rod
Available in standard thread diameters M8, M10 and M12
Available in standard lengths
Used with L-bracket, W-Bracket, Slotted channel and nuts and washers for Complete hanging system
Formed 2.5 mm hot rolled sheet.
Fully galvanized
Slot provided for minor lateral adjustments.
Formed 2.5 hot rolled sheet.
Fully galvanized
Available in one size only -- 3/8” X 5/32”.
Provides a smooth, clean appearance.
Cheaper in rate.
Should be used in conjunction with Pop-rivet gun only.
Carriage Bolt
Available in three different sizes M8, M10, M12.
Fully galvanized.
Cheaper in rate.
Square neck provided to fit in the square hole of corners.
Flanged nut provided to eliminate washer.
Shoe Piece
Used to ensure proper air diversion from a main duct to side out let grills.
Its design and structure incorporate guide vanes and reverse flange to direct flow of air from main duct into branch ducts.
Complete Shoe Piece with guide vanes and reverse flange is available.
Elbows   Tapers
Terminal Box (Plenum)
This product is a durable, high quality and specially designed box; which can be of any specified size.
Designed to have openings that connect flexible duct on one side and linear grills or diffusers on the other side to allow smooth distribution of air.
Scroll/ Blower Housing
This product packs functionality with client specific attributes.
A complete weld free blower-wheel housing unit of varying dimensions (as required by the client) is also available
Round Collar
Applicable wherever flexible ducts are used in the ducting.
Notched and swaged to ensure air tight and fast connection.
L-Section Rectangular box section Rectangular box section with Rolamate