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Blue Star’s latest offering, the Inverter Variable Refrigeration Flow (IVRF) system, combines the advantages of both Room ACs and Central Plants to offer you a third, more energy-efficient alternative. The IVRF brings together cutting edge technology, superior cooling and designs that are compatible with the latest building management systems, to offer you world-class, state-of-the-art cooling technology and higher energy efficiency. Based on proven Inverter Compressor Technology, the Inverter VRF system is ideal for multi-zoned spaces such as luxury apartment complexes, condominiums, villas, multi-cabin office spaces and commercial complexes.

The IVRF system consists of an outdoor unit with multiple compressors, a mix of indoor units such as cassettes and high-wall splits and a sophisticated electronic control centre that ensures complete climate control in each zone.

Advantages of the Blue Star Inverter IVRF system:

  • Year-round cooling and heating system
  • Modular capacities that can be built up using 3.5 HP to 64 HP discrete units
  • Software-based design
  • Choice of designer cooling units
  • Simple unit selection, easy installation
  • R410A based eco-friendly system
  • Easy to maintain, in-built fault diagnostic function
  • High on energy savings
  • Simplified computer control operation
  • Frequency modulated inverter compressor technology for precise control
  • Need-based cooling to suit your comfort requirements