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Technical Specifications

Over the years, VRF systems have proved to be a preferred way of airconditioning premium installations around the world. Due to their multiple benefits, they have found increasing acceptance in evolved airconditioning markets such as Japan and Europe. They are the next generation intelligent and energy-efficient airconditioners and come with a highly sophisticated electronic control centre that enables zone-wise climate control.

Next-generation Blue Star VRF line up offers even greater choice while airconditioning offices, hotels, villas and condominiums. R410A is a chlorine-free refrigerant which does not damage the ozone layer, it also increases the energy-efficiency of the system, thereby saving power and contributing directly to your bottom line. The ducted indoor units offer higher air circulation quantity of 400 CFM/TR and the floor-mounted packaged type AC offers 475 CFM/TR

Unique features of this new series

  • Wider range of outdoor units from 12 HP to 42 HP in 14 capacity configurations.
  • Wider range of elegant indoor units optimised to suit Indian conditions.
  • Treated fresh air unit coupled with the VRF system.
  • Intelligent Manager Software for centralised control of the VRF system from a PC.