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  Types of airconditioning
Over the years, Airconditioning systems have evolved to suit different needs. The emergence of new technologies, envioronmental conditions and the availability of space have all played a part in shaping the airconditioning systems of today. Though many types of airconditioning system are available it is convenient to first classify them broadly as follow:

Basic branches of airconditioning

The basic branches of airconditioning are Central AC systems and Non-central AC products. Central AC Systems can then be divided into Ductable Packaged Airconditioners and Central Plants, while Non-central AC Products can be divided into Window ACs and Split ACs. Further subdivisions appear in subsequent pages.

As illustrated in Figure, Airconditioning falls into two broad segments:

Central AC Systems and Non-Central Ac products.

By Non-Central AC Products we mean those airconditioners that do not use any air ducting to cool the conditioned space.Window mounted ‘Room Airconditioners’ and the ‘Non-Ducted Split Airconditioners’ fall into this category. Thes products are suitable where air throw is limited to around 4 metres (13 feet) and small spaces are involved. Where large spaces are involved, multiple units are to distribute the air.
( Basic branches of Airconditioning)
Alternatively in order to distribute the air uniformaly usingless units, Central AC systems are preferred.

Central AC systems can be further subdivided into Ductable Packaged Airconditioners and Central Plants. The term ‘ductable’ implies airconditioning system suitable for ducting.The design engineer may prefer to minimize ducting by employing Fan Coil Units instead.