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ISHRAE and AHRI, in association with RAMA and AIACRA have taken up the task of adapting the AHRI Standards to suit Indian Conditions. The following Standards have been formalized and are available for Public Scrutiny and Comments, before they are formally adopted. The Standards are open for Public Viewing and Comments till 31st March, 2009. Please click on the links below to access the specific Standards:
01. Standard 260 - Sound Rating of Ducted Air Moving and Conditioning Equipment
02. Standard 900 - Performance Rating of Thermal Storage Equipment used for Cooling
03. Standard 530 - Rating of Sound and Vibration for Refrigerant Compressors
04. Standard 350 - Sound Rating of Non-Ducted Indoor Air- Conditioning Equipment
05. Standard 680 - Performance Rating of Residential Air Filter Equipment
06. Standard 850 - Performance Rating of Commercial & Industrial Air Filter Equipment
07. Standard 430 - Central Station Air-Handling Units
08. Standard 440 - Performance Rating of Room Fan-Coils
09. Standard 495 - Performance Rating of Refrigerant Liquid Receivers
10. Standard 130 -

Graphic & Electrical/ Electronic Symbols for Air-Conditioning & Refrigerating Equipment
11. Standard 890 - Air Diffusers & Air Diffuser Assemblies
12. Standard 700 - Specifications For Fluorocarbon Refrigerants
13. Standard 110 - Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating Equipment Nameplate Voltages
14. Standard 1200 -

Performance Rating of Commercial Refrigerated Display Merchandisers And Storage Cabinets